Meet the team behind SafecheckN

Eloise Smith
Allen Barnes

CEO & Co-founder

Thomas Smith
Charles Mann

CSO & Co-founder

Stella Smith
Lever Stewart

COO & Co-founder

Stella Smith
Sreekanth GongalaReddy


About SafeCheckN

Why we do what we do

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Each day, you have 100 things to do to lead your business to success. As your staff and visitor management partner, SafecheckN has 1 thing to do – to help you manage the safety and security of your facility by managing staff and visitors as they come and go each day.

We started in 2013 at our sister company, Accushield, taking our passion for enhancing safety and security for vulnerable seniors in senior living communities and creating the industry-leading visitor and staff management system used in more than 4000 communities today. Our system gives senior living community owners and managers peace of mind, knowing that they understand who is in their community at all times and that those individuals meet their requirements for being there.

We expanded from senior living into other industries, creating SafecheckN for businesses with the same need for intensive management for the staff, contractors, and visitors entering and exiting their facilities.

  • Industries that need to control who is in their facilities
  • Industries with a commitment to the highest safety standards and a healthy work environment
  • Industries that need to know that everyone in the facilities meets their health-screening, documentation, and other requirements
  • Industries that need flexible reporting to meet internal and regulatory mandates

A paper sign-in pad or simple digital system no longer meets the ever-changing demands of today’s staff and visitor management environment – demands that promise to be even more complex as time moves forward. That’s where SafecheckN comes in. It’s what we are all about, top to bottom – our SafecheckN team providing a staff and visitor management system and expert support that allows your team to work safely and confidently in this increasingly complex world.

See what SafecheckN can do for your business.

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