The SafecheckN Solution

Kiosk Features

Quick Sign In

Streamline the sign-in process with our kiosk or the SafecheckN Mobile App. Sign in unlimited visitors, staff, contractors and third-party vendors. 

Touchless Temperature

Reduce the spread of infection with our integrated, touchless thermometer that quickly and safely captures temperatures.

Vaccine Validation

Staff, visitors, contractors, and third-party vendors can upload proof of vaccine for your management to review and verify. 

Custom Screening Questions

Create customized screening questions for staff, visitors, contractors, and third-party vendors to complete upon sign in to help keep out individuals who show symptoms of COVID-19.

Brand Customization

Make a lasting first impression on visitors with the ability to include your company's branding.

Alerts for Failed Screening

Receive immediate text message notifications and email alerts based on the specific criteria you set for individuals, health screening results, or other areas of concern.

Health-Verified Name Badge

Health-verified name badges provide a visible confirmation of sign-in and health screening compliance. Optionally, include a checkmark on badges to designate the person has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Health Analytics + reporting

Information is power and with our user-friendly reporting dashboard, you'll be armed with all the information you need to ensure a safe and secure work environment.

informed consent forms

Have staff, visitors, contractors, and third-party vendors complete a company consent form acknowledging that they are aware of potential risks + exposures, and agree to follow safety measurements set by management.

document management

Simplify the safety documentation process through the SafecheckN kiosk and mobile app. Required documents can be delivered, managed, and verified at the kiosk and through the app. 

Safety Watchlist

Instantly stop the sign-in process and notify management if a visitors that is not allowed at your facility attempts to sign in.

visit Limitations

Help prevent the spread of infection and strengthen social distancing measurements through visitation + capacity limitations.

question branching

Streamline the sign-in process  with optional secondary questions that follow a "yes" or "no" answer to the custom screening questions on your kiosk.  

mass communication

In the event of an emergency, send mass text messages to staff, visitors, contractors, and third-party vendors. Additionally, send emails and text messages to specified parties about upcoming events/company policies.

event management

Simplify the screening and sign-in process through custom event sign in and scheduling. Management can also export and download attendee lists for your records and to assist with contact tracing, should an outbreak occur. 

Customizable Sign Out

Have visitors complete sign-out screening questions specific to your company; answer questions about their visit or safety protocols;  or provide other necessary information for your organization.

Contact Tracing

In the event of an outbreak, know exactly who has been in your facility, when they were there, and who they visited. 

secure database

All data is stored securely according to HIPAA requirements, hosted by AWS.

SafecheckN Hardware Solutions

Quick & Automated Sign In

The SafecheckN sign-in and health screening kiosk can help prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19 by giving facilities an efficient, streamlined method of verifying that staff, customers, vendors, and guests have completed the required daily screening protocol before entering.

By recording an individual’s body temperature and prompting screening questions, the kiosk can help keep out anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19; help mitigate the spread of the virus by tracking who enters the facility; help with mass communication should there be an outbreak; and help with CDC-recommended messaging (for example, the person must agree to wash hands and wear a mask before completing the sign-in process and entering the facility).

girl with bulb
girl with bulb

Touchless Temperature Scan

A forehead-scanning integrated thermometer instantly detects a person’s body temperature and automatically sends that measurement to the kiosk during the sign-in process. The thermometer captures temperatures within 29 inches. It records temperatures in 0.2 seconds with +/- 0.5 °C accuracy.

COVID-19 Vaccine + Test Verification

The SafecheckN HealthPass integrates with our commercial-grade kiosk, providing users the ability to quickly sign in, answer a custom health-screening questionnaire, and show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or recent test results.

girl with bulb
girl with bulb

Custom Screening Questions

The SafecheckN kiosk includes customizable COVID-19 or other company-specific screening questions for staff, customers, vendors, and guests. An individual who answers “yes” to any of the COVID-19 risk factor question(s) is prompted immediately via the kiosk to see a staff member, and a text alert is sent automatically to specified management.

Touchless Sign-In with QR Code

The SafecheckN mobile app allows staff, customers, guests, and vendors to sign in, answer COVID-19 screening questions, and record their body temperature without touching the kiosk.
girl with bulb
girl with bulb

Alerts for Failed Screenings

Should a staff member, customer, guest, or vendor select “yes” to one or more of the COVID-19 health-screening questions and/or their scanned temperature exceeds the set threshold, the SafecheckN system will send a text message alert to specified management, and the check-in process will be stopped.
girl with bulb

Health-Verified Name Badges

Print a custom name badge for each person who enters the facility after passing all health screening protocol (optional). Name badges can provide peace of mind to staff, customers, vendors, and guests by visually validating that others have also signed in and met the health-safety criteria of the facility. Optionally, include a checkmark on badges to designate the person has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Health Analytics and Reports

The SafecheckN system allows management to track, analyze, and create reports with check-in data from staff, customers, guests, and vendors.
girl with bulb
girl with bulb

Informed Consent + Documentation Management

Get helpful visitor-experience feedback immediately upon sign out. The SafecheckN kiosk allows businesses to customize survey questions. Surveys can help enhance visitor satisfaction and identify any problems that need resolutions. Request social reviews from visitors at sign-out to help improve your business’s online rankings.

Customer Loyalty Program – COMING SOON

Get ahead of competition with a loyalty program customized for your business.
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