Staff + Visitor Safety Screening and Sign-in Kiosk Designed with You in Mind

Your facility can’t afford to shut down. When it comes to manufacturing, one outbreak can shut down operations for weeks, with serious health and cost implications. You work tirelessly to shield your business operations and employees from potential threats… so do we.

The SafecheckN solution allows you to screen all staff, visitors, and third-party contractors, verify required safety documents and company policies, and conduct daily health screenings.

The SafecheckN Screening + Safety solution simplifies the screening process allowing management to focus on business operations without giving up personnel to manage the screening process. Daily screenings take a matter of seconds and make it easy to collect the relevant health information on all individuals that enter the building. In addition, management can access real-time, web-based reports based on the information collected at the kiosk.

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  Simplified, Fast Screenings

Screen staff and visitors in under 7 seconds, keeping wait times low and operational efficiencies high. 

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Multiple Kiosks, One System

With the SafecheckN solution, you can streamline the screening process across your different entry points and buildings. All the data lives in one, easy to use dashboard for your administration.

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Customizable Screening

The SafecheckN solution makes it easy for you to customize the screening process based on employee, visitor, or third-party contractor type so that you can quickly and seamlessly collect the data you need.

Quick & Automated Sign In

The SafecheckN sign-in and health screening kiosk can help prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19 by giving facilities an efficient, streamlined method of verifying that staff, contractors, vendors, and guests have completed the required daily screening protocol before entering.

By recording an individual’s body temperature and prompting screening questions, the kiosk can help keep out anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19; help mitigate the spread of the virus by tracking who enters the facility; help with mass communication should there be an outbreak; and help with CDC-recommended messaging (for example, the person must agree to wash hands and wear a mask before completing the sign-in process and entering the facility).

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Touchless Temperature Scan

A forehead-scanning integrated thermometer instantly detects a person’s body temperature and automatically sends that measurement to the kiosk during the sign-in process. The thermometer captures temperatures within 29 inches. It records temperatures in 0.2 seconds with +/- 0.5 °C accuracy.

Custom COVID-19 Screening Questions

The SafecheckN kiosk includes customizable COVID-19 screening questions for staff, contractors, vendors, and guests. An individual who answers “yes” to any of the COVID-19 risk factor question(s) is prompted immediately via the kiosk to see a staff member, and a text alert is sent automatically to specified management.

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Health-Verified Name Badges

Print a custom name badge for each person who enters the facility after passing all health screening protocols (optional). Name badges can provide peace of mind to staff, contractors, vendors, and guests by visually validating that others have also signed in and met the health-safety criteria of the facility.

Health Analytics and Reports

The SafecheckN system allows management to track, analyze, and create reports with check-in data from staff, contractors, vendors, and guests.

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Touchless Sign In with QR Code

The SafecheckN mobile app allows staff, contractors, vendors, and guests to sign in, answer COVID-19 screening questions, and record their body temperature without touching the kiosk.

Alerts for Failed Screenings

Should a staff member, contractor, vendor, or guest select “yes” to one or more of the COVID-19 health screening questions and/or their scanned temperature exceeds the set threshold, the SafecheckN system will send a text message alert to specified management, and the check-in process will be stopped.

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The system is reliable and has been an asset to our operations.”

“The SafecheckN system has assisted the City of Burleson in streamlining our check-in process for guests and employees at two City facilities. The kiosks enable individuals to check in efficiently and move to their workspace without creating backup or human error other manual processes can make. The system is reliable and has been an asset to our operations.“

Justin Scharnhorst
Purchasing Manager, City of Burleson, Texas

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The SafecheckN Difference

We have learned a few things over the last 8 years when it comes to screening people using an automated kiosk.  First and foremost the kiosk solution should be easy to install and even easier to use.  Because of this, we made the decision to support not only the software but also the hardware. While most companies focus solely on software, SafecheckN handles both.  Why? Because our customers should only have to call one company for hardware and service-related questions.  We took the road less traveled to provide the best end-to-end kiosk solution on the market.